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The Protestant Reformation - 912 Words

The Protestant Reformation particularly was the 16th century religious, political, scholarly and very definitely social change that separated Catholic Europe, setting in place the structures and convictions that would for the most part essentially characterize the landmass in the cutting edge time in a subtle way in a subtle way. In northern and focal Europe, reformers like Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Henry VIII tested ecclesiastical power and scrutinized the Catholic Church s capacity to actually essentially characterize Christian practice, which definitely definitely is quite significant, particularly contrary to popular belief. They particularly contended for a kind of general basically religious and political redistribution of force under the control of Bible-and flyer perusing ministers and sovereigns, which really is fairly significant in a fairly major way. The disturbance activated wars, oppressions and the alleged Counter-Reformation, the Catholic Church s postponed yet intense reaction to the Protestants.The Protestant Reformation changed basically basically many things like for all intents and purposes generally religious freedom and the separation of church and state, or so they definitely thought. The first for all intents and purposes definitely major impact on our basically very modern society that actually was created by the reformers kind of for all intents and purposes is really fairly religious freedom.The definition of generally really religiousShow MoreRelatedThe Protestant Reformation And The Reformation Essay1379 Words   |  6 PagesThe Protestant Reformation Why the Protestant Reformation is considered a significant development in the Christian Church. The Protestant Reformation was an event which occurred within the Catholic Church during the 16th century. This Reformation was prompted by Martin Luther’s ‘95 theses’ which were a list of 95 criticisms towards the church. The Reformation formed another branch of Christianity called Protestantism which is comprised of many different Christian denominations including AnglicanRead MoreThe Protestant Reformation And The Reformation871 Words   |  4 PagesThe Protestant Reformation was a pivotal time of European history that occurred during the 16th century. The Protestant Reformation was comprised of people called â€Å"reformers† that challenged papal authority and questioned the Catholic Church’s ability to define Christian practice (â€Å"The Reformation†). The Protestant Reformation was revolutionary due to the fact that the reformers preached against everything the Catholic Church had been teaching. Some famous reformers are John Calvin an d Martin LutherRead MoreThe Protestant Reformation And The Reformation916 Words   |  4 PagesThe Protestant Reformation took place in the 16th century and was a major European movement whose goal was to reform the beliefs and practices of the Roman Catholic Church. This movement led to people worshipping God as they wanted and no longer relying on the Catholic Church for guidance with religious matters. Even though people were doing what they believed, the Protestant Reformation brought many conflicts. Religious disagreements caused bloody conflicts all over Europe. The principal figureRead MoreThe Reformation Of The Protestant Reformation798 Words   |  4 Pagesyour way to heaven sounds nice does it not? During the time period of the Protestant Reformation you were able to do just that. When most people think of the Protestant Reformation it is often associated with a time of crisis for the Catholic Church. This specific time period challenges and characterizes the new directi on that would be taken in Western Europe. A specific moment in the beginning of the Protestant Reformation would soon lead to the development of early modern Europe, that moment wasRead MoreThe Reformation And The Protestant Reformation876 Words   |  4 Pages The 16th century reformation is also known as the Protestant reformation. There are a various number of causes for the Protestant reformation. The causes of the reformation will be analyzed from two different perspectives: Germany s causes and Europe s causes. The results of reformation will be examined. Major contributors such as Martin Luther and John Calvin s perspectives and contributions will also be analyzed and the impact they had during their time period. People in Europe during theRead MoreThe Protestant Reformation And The Reformation1619 Words   |  7 Pagesany better when multiple wars are started because of a disagreement in how to worship. The Protestant Reformation was a widespread epidemic that started with Martin Luther noticing severe problems in the way the Roman Catholic Church was running, and that there were simple and more holy methods and worshipping God, leading to the creation of Lutheranism. There was an uproar in Germany over this new reformation, and it caught the attention of John Calvin who then strove to create Calvinism with theRead MoreProtestant Reformation And The Reformation1727 Words   |  7 PagesHI 101 Essay 3 Zhenli Xu Protestant Reformation Protestant Reformation is admittedly one of the most important schisms in the history of Christianity. It started with Martin Luther nailing the Ninety-Five Theses on the door of the Catholic Church in Germany in 1517, and ended with the Peace of Westphalia in 1648. The Reformation was a religious movement triggered by the rise of humanism during the Renaissance and the general corruption of the Roman Catholic Church that eventually led to theRead MoreThe Protestant Reformation And The Reformation971 Words   |  4 PagesCatholic Church: the English Reformation. The English Reformation wasn’t the only movement that led to the separation from the Catholic Church, though. The Protestant Reformation, starting only ten years before the English Reformation did, first recognized the corruption of the Catholic Church. The English Reformation noticed the corruptions of the Catholic Church, but was more focused on creating new political and religious authority. Both of these refo rmations relate to one another greatlyRead MoreThe Protestant Reformation And The Reformation Essay1978 Words   |  8 PagesFrom the time Christianity began to the time of the Protestant Reformation, for about a millennium and a half, there was only one sect of Christianity: Catholicism. After the Protestant Reformation, however, different Christian denominations sprang up in many parts of Europe. The Protestant Reformation’s beginning is most commonly associated with Martin Luther’s beliefs and his protest of the wrongdoings of the Catholic Church. Before the Reformation, the Catholic Church was more interested in raisingRead MoreThe Protestant Reformation And The Reformation Essay1879 Words   |  8 PagesThe Protestant Reformation was the time in the 16th century when the Roman Catholic Church, which had dominated Europe for over a thousand years, split into new factions of Christianity. There were a number of political, social and religious causes for the reform ation. It was because of the ideals of significant figures such as Martin Luther that these protests were successful and led to major changes. Before the Protestant Reformation, almost all Christians in Europe were roman catholic. The roman

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Analysis Of The Health Care Industry - 1088 Words

The health care industry has the highest percentage of occupational hazards of any workforce industry (SIC division structure, 2015). To control these numbers, several state and federal agencies were established to regulate risks to health and personal safety. (OSHA) is one such agency was established to cover all workforce industries, including health services and insurance. The regulatory authority of OSHA is ranged to cover many types of occupational hazards and hazard communication. OSHA procedures are intended to be carried out quickly and decisively in order to ensure and maintain the safest possible working environment and to expose and halt any activities which cause risk. OSHA established in 1970, monitor safety workers and the†¦show more content†¦In addition to the medical professionals healthcare facilities often employ a variety of employees in trades that have associated risks. Trades such as housekeeping, food service, mechanical, building, and grounds maintenance, and administration, each with their own unique set of risks (SIC division structure, 2015). A Brooklyn medical facility experienced OSHA firsthand as they were investigated in 2014 for failing to adequately protect against workplace violence. During their investigation, OSHA found that between the dates of February 7th and April 12, 2014, around 40 individual incidents of workplace violence had occurred, the most serious of which resulted in brain injuries sustained by a nurse who was attacked by a patient. All of the incidents involved staff members being verbally and physically attacked by patients and visitors, or staff members being injured when breaking up fights between patients. A witness for the investigation stated that the administration was aware of the violence and threats, but did nothing to improve the effectiveness of its ineffective workplace violence program or to increase security for employees. The medical center was found to have committed willful violation of OSHA workplace safety regulation and fined $78,000. The medical facility was given fifteen days after receiving theShow MoreRelatedFinancial Analysis On The Health Care Industry791 Words   |  4 PagesIn the modern world of the health care industry, it is vital that organization’s financial statement analyzes be kept up to date and reported accurately within their company. A financial analysis is an evaluative method of determining the past, current and projected performance of a company ( Collectively, individual patients seek for superior quality of health care services and integrity from professionals who work in the hospitals with patients while serving the communities worldwideRead MoreBusiness Analysis : Health Care Industry2160 Words   |  9 Pagesarrow button. Click one of the styles under Manual Table of Contents, and then type the entries manually.î ¿ ¾ Executive Summary Health-care industry needs several reforms, especially in cost management strategies, in order to survive in a bruised-economy of 21st century. Particularly, information in health-care industry has become more ubiquitous; patients want to receive customized, personalized, on-demand information about their healthcare decisions. Innovations in technologyRead MoreTraining Needs Analysis, And The Health Care Industry2327 Words   |  10 Pages Training Needs Analysis, and the Health care industry Raymond Williams OMM 640 Dr: Katie Thiry October 12, 2014 â€Æ' Abstract The health care industry is in constant flux, continually incorporating the most current laws and regulations, up to date technology, and procedures while maintaining patent safety. This research paper will utilize a literary review to analyze the benefits of a continuous training needs analysis (TNA). The research utilized is based in the analysis of a TNA and/or resultsRead MorePost Merger Analysis On The Health Care Industry2165 Words   |  9 Pages Post-Merger Analysis The future of the health care industry is dominated by many uncertainties as it is feeling the heat of both regulatory and economic fronts. The health care industry is one of the most regulated in the United States and organizations are required to comply with a number of federal and state laws and regulations. There are financial drivers that would likely cause health care organizations to merge which means the underlying thought processes behind why two firms would expectRead MoreBusiness Environment, Innovation And Entrepreneurship : Health Care Industry Swot Analysis1695 Words   |  7 Pages Business Environment, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Health Care Industry SWOT Analysis Laurene Foley Southern New Hampshire University Partners Health Care is a non profit company made up of multiple top notch hospitals and organizations. Partners strives to provide patient first mentality which focuses on serving the community in Boston and suburbs the best quality of care. Partners Health Care was founded back in 1994 by two of the top hospitals in Boston: MassachusettsRead MoreSummary Of Loan Request And Borrower Relationship1398 Words   |  6 Pagesgeographical distance of the company, BUSINESS / INDUSTRY ANALYSIS: Business Evaluation: . Almost Family is an industry leader in the home health care industry. Strength’s of Almost Family include its personal and management, experience (time established in this industry), and its financial strength (see attached spreadsheet with financial statements and ratios). The company has two divisions, home health care and healthcare innovations. The home health care division has two reportable divisions, visitingRead MoreKey Factors That Promote M A In Health Care Service.1285 Words   |  6 PagesKey factors that promote M A in health care service In economic theory, M A is created by a defensive firm to make another firm more vulnerable. From a theorectical perspective, there are factors that arrive at mergers and acquisition. One major factor is to increase and maximize shareholders wealth and value. However, practitioners of U.S health care system do not follow this theory. So, what is driving health care mergers? From my perspective, I think many factors are responsible for takeoverRead MoreEconomic Tool and Concepts1121 Words   |  5 PagesEconomic Tool and Concepts The health care industry has been experience for many century the shortage of nurses. It is perceive by the health care industry the shortage of nursing supply than the demand across the country. The demand for nurses in every health care organization growth in a daily basic as the technology advance. The consumers are always demanding for more personalize and quality of health care services at the time they are seeking for health care delivery creating nurses supplyRead MoreBiotechnology Industry Analysis1121 Words   |  5 PagesBiotechnology  industry Analysis BACKGROUND The health care industry Provides health products and service which involved the leading technology of life science. It is a fast-growing industry and will continue to grow in the future because of the increasing request to the advanced medical care. The Global Industry Analysis (GIA,2009) predicted that the prescription drug market is value around $897 billion in world economy in 2015, and Asia-Pacific region is expected to have highest growth in prescriptionRead MoreCase Analysis : Systems Acquisition1220 Words   |  5 Pages The Case Analysis: Systems Acquisition Courtney Givler MHA 616 Health Care Management Information Systems Instructor Deborah Bertsch May 9, 2016 The Case Analysis: Systems Acquisition For several years, the healthcare industry has focused on information technology for advancements. Now many health care leaders are seeking more complex information management processes. Information technology has advanced health care from a paper-based industry to a virtual enterprise. Providers are

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Victim by Oliver Smithfield Free Essays

In this essay I intend to explore the narrative conventions and values, which Oliver Smithfield presents in the short story Victim. The short story positions the reader to have negative and sympathetic opinion on the issues presented. Such as power, identity and bullying. We will write a custom essay sample on Victim by Oliver Smithfield or any similar topic only for you Order Now For example Mickey the young boy is having issues facing his identity. It could be argued that finding your identity may have the individual stuck trying to fit in with upon two groups. The main character Mickey is represented as valuing the outcasts of society. He is at an age where identity is important to find and seeking power to prove he can fit in. The issues facing this character have values and attitudes reflecting his actions. Another essential feature of an example is showing the Mickey is trying to prove he is strong, but not tough enough to harm another person so he uses his anger to think about making an irrational decision. â€Å"I – I – I’m gonna k – k – kill it! He cried. † This example shows how Mickey is unsure of his decision. As a main character presented we as readers feel sympathy toward him because he is forced to act in a certain way that others will accept him. Power is defined as an ability to do or act; it represents strength, control and position of authority. Victim is based on identity and how power can have conflicts in certain groups of people, in more in depth a culture. Benda is another main character that represents physical power. This is shown through the way he looks and acts towards other people. â€Å"Butch, sensing Mickey’s uncertainty snarled, â€Å"You’re such a reject. They began to close in on him pushing and laughing. † Butch is described as â€Å"a muscly, thick-set boy with a shaved head. † Ras is a character who is also an outcast but has the ability to show he is not afraid to say what he thinks or feels. â€Å"Michael†¦Ã¢â‚¬  said Ras softly, â€Å"It is not the way. † Mickey is a character who struggles with power and doesn’ t know how to show the ability of self-control. These individual characters show different qualities of power and give the reader the ideas of how power can be shown. Narrative conventions are used through out this short story. The main narrative conventions used are setting, theme, descriptive language and conflict. The setting is based in a school ground, which represents innocents of youth. The theme represents society and power, the power between characters and finding our identity in society. Descriptive language is used through out the short story to help us feel sympathetic towards the outcasts in this instance we feel for Mickey and Ras. The conflict in this short story is about man vs man, man vs society and man vs self. Man vs man is portrayed through the bullies and Mickey, man vs society is struggling with identity and man vs self is the struggle with inner self power. Narrative conventions have been used to position the reader to respond sympathetic and have the view on how identity also power are important for one’s self. The issues presented in Victim are shown through Mickey wanting to fit in by killing a creature smaller than himself. I believe Mickey has found his identity by not killing the creature because he shows self control and has qualities which others maybe intimidated by using descriptive language it positions the reader to not only think deeper in the short story but possibly reflect upon themselves. I believe this short story has made me think how others are affected when people do not accept them for whom they are. As a young person it is important to feel wanted and accepted in society. Victim has shown as a light view on how hard it is to fit in society now days because people are still scared of what and who is different. This essay explored the narrative conventions and values, which is represented in Oliver Smithfield’s short story, Victim. We learn the influence of others may find us wanting to have a different identity and can inflict one’s self on how we interoperate the power we have. It can be seen that more than these issues can lead to not only wanting to find identity but the issues of power. I believe reading Victim, it has not only presented certain issues of power and identity but has shown society in a negative light. As I have argued though out this essay I believe identity is an aspect of showing who you are. How to cite Victim by Oliver Smithfield, Essay examples

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Supply Chain Management Global Market

Question: Discuss about theSupply Chain Managementfor Global Market. Answer: Introduction: Supply chain management focuses on analysing movement of products for ensuring all the requirements of the market fulfilled in an appropriate manner (Christopher, 2016). With the increasing competition in the global market, organizations have focused on formulating logistic management strategies for sustaining its position in the market. In this study, the focus would be one of the prime computer hardware providing organizations namely Supermicro. The study will focus on evaluating entire order management procedure of Supermicrofor fulfilling the requirements of the customers. The study would also analyze the investment management procedure of the organization to reduce issues associated with the waste management procedure. Background of the Organization: Charles Liang founded Supermicro in the year of 1993 with the focus of providing superior types of computer hardware products across the globe. Supermicroalso has enhanced its specialization in providing power supplies, networking and storage system equipments for grabbing the major share of the market. Presently, headquarter of Supermicrois based on San Jose California of USA (, 2017). From the beginning, Supermicrohas always tried to initiate effective strategies for achieving competitive advantage in the market. Presently, Supermicrohas to face immense competition from the organizations like Concurrent computers, Cray Inc, Fitbit Inc and Omnicell Inc in sustaining its position in the global market. For that reason, it has also has tried to include advance technology solutions for providing maximum support to the customers. Moreover, organizations like Apple and HP has able to set the trend in the computer hardware equipments globally. Therefore, Supermicrois to estab lish its presence in the global market, it has focused on developing effective supply management strategies. In fact, Supermicro also have focused on evaluating different departments including production, marketing and financial department for handling all the business activities appropriately. It has also focused on developing specific strategies related to inventory management for minimizing the possibility of waste in the operational process. The Interfaces: According to Islam et al. (2013), using pattern of supply chain network also can influence business activities of other departments as well. Specifically, globalization has made supply chain process of the organizations extremely complex, which also has influenced other departments like production, marketing and finance to change their activity accordingly. The impacts of Supermicros supply chain management on other departments are as follows: Production: As per the article by Stadtler (2015), efficient use of supply chain management can ensure required amount of raw materials reach to all the production facilities consistently. Now, Supermicro produce networking and computer hardware equipments that require specific superior quality of raw materials. Otherwise, the provided quality of the hardware or networking products will not able to satisfy the customers effectively. Furthermore, effective supply chain management would allow organizations to maintain the quality of raw materials, as it would develop strong relationship with distributors. As a result, it would help production unit of Supermicro in maintaining its produced quality continuously. On the other hand, supply chain management can create direct impact on the distribution cost. Therefore, if Supermicro can able to reduce the distribution cost, it would allow manufacturing unit to reduce direct sales and overhead cost in a major way. It has been assessed that Supermicro tri ed to utilize advance technologies for reducing the required lead-time in a major way (Wisner, Tan Leong, 2014). Furthermore, effective utilization of supply chain require well-developed organizational structure, which would also help production unit to maintain strong coordination with other departments. For that reason, it has helped Supermicro to fulfil all the business activities within the given timeframe. Marketing: As highlighted by Fawcett, Ellram and Ogden (2014) supply chain management can also have huge impact on the marketing activities of the organizations. It has been assessed that effective utilization of supply chain management can allow organizations to provide required amount of products at the desired destination effectively. As a result, it helps organizations to increase the convenience level of the customers. On the other hand, one of the prime objectives of marketing department is to increase the sales volume of the provided products and services in a major way. Now, higher convenience will increase the satisfaction level of the customers, which will eventually create positive impact on the overall sales volume. Therefore, if Supermicro can able to initiate proper logistics management strategies, it would definitely help marketing team in fulfilling their aims and objectives. Moreover, supply chain network also play crucial role in returning diffective products from the customer s in a short period of time (Schnsleben, 2016). Therefore, if Supermicro can able to reduce the required time for providing the right product to the right customers, it will help to enhance the sales volume in a major way. Thus, effective utilization of supply chain management is necessary for providing assistance to the marketing department in fulfilling their goals and objectives. Finance and Accounting: As opined by Mangan, Lalwani and Lalwani (2016) logistics and supply chain management also can have major impact on the financial performance of the organizations. It has been assessed that effective utilization of supply chain management will allow Supermicro to provide optimum amount of products to the customers. As a result, it would help Supermicro to reduce the waiting the time of the customers in a major way. Moreover, effective use of supply chain management will allow Supermicro to eliminate all the intermediaries in an effective way. As a result, it would help financial department to keep track of all the activities associated with supply chain procedure in a much easier way. Order Cycle: It has been assessed that organizations like Supermicro will have to deal with huge number of customers for fulfilling all the business objectives effectively. For that reason, it had to systematic order supply process for providing right amount of products to the right place at the right time. Now, order supply process of Supermicro desired as follows: Figure 1: Order cycle (Source: Fernie Sparks, 2014) From the above figure, it can be assessed that supply chain management process of Supermicro can has three components including manufactures, retailers and distributors. It has been assessed that distributors and manufacturers of Supermicro collaborate to fulfil the requirements of each placed orders. However, the logistic chain begins from supply of raw materials for developing proper computer hardware and networking products. Supermicro has focused on developing long-term relationship with all the suppliers in order to maintain the quality of raw materials at the desired order (Tayur, Ganeshan Magazine, 2012). Moreover, it also has focused on providing specific benefits to all the suppliers for ensuring the required amount of raw materials are present at all the time. As highlighted by Dyckhoff, Lackes and Reese (2013) ordering cycle of Supermicro has different steps, which allow organizations to fulfil all the requirements effectively. Firstly, order cycle of Supermicro focuses on tracking the placement of orders from the different geographical areas. It allow Supermicro to assess the amount of product need to be delivered at different locations. Moreover, it also helps Supermicro to assess the present trend of the market regarding specific products and services. Secondly, Supermicro focuses on receiving the orders from customers. This step is essential for confirming the sales of that particular unit. Moreover, confirmation provides customers to become more relax, as they will receive the desired product within the given timeframe. Thirdly, Supermicro focuses on processing the order from inventory department for ensuring right amount product would be provided at the given period of time. For that reason, Supermicro has tried to develop strong li nk up between inventory department and distributors so that it do not have to wait for processing the products. Thus, it actually would help Supermicro to reduce the required lead-time in an appropriate manner. Fourthly, credit department focuses on verifying the processed products in order to ensure right products will be delivered to right destination. Moreover, it also focuses on assessing the amount of products have to be delivered within near future (Coyle et al., 2016). As a result, it allows organization to manufacture required amount of products in an effective manner. Fifthly, Supermicro focuses on shipping the products to specific retail outlets so that customers can purchase without facing any difficulties. As a global organization, Supermicro has tried to utilize different transportation tools for ensuring required amount of products has been delivered to the desired destination. Finally, Supermicro also has focused on collecting back the products from the customers in c ase of any complaints regarding improper functioning. Here, Supermicro try to provide replacement to the customers with 24 hours time limit so that satisfaction level of the customers remain at the optimum level. Inventory Management: As per the article by Waters and Rinsler (2014) effective utilization of inventory management strategies are crucial for maintaining the profit level at the desired rate. For that reason, Supermicro has focused on developing inventory management strategies carefully so that it can fulfil all the business objectives. For instance, it has focused on reducing the amount of obsolete products in order to ensure the cost required for operational process remains at the optimum level. For that reason, it has focused on introducing new advanced technologies warehousing management system in the inventory management procedure. Supermicro also has used all these advanced technologies to maintain continues track of all the products. It has also focused on developing strong relationship with the distributors so that they select right product to take out from the inventory process. For that reason, it has allowed Supermicro to achieve success in maintaining the profit level at the desired rate. Mor eover, it has also focused on utilizing requirements planning for handling all the challenges associated with the inventory management procedure. It has been assessed that Supermicro has made a conscious effort in managing the inventory level effectively. However, there is still scope for improvement for Supermicro, which will allow the organization to achieve competitive advantage in the market. For instance, Supermicro can focus on using systematic procedure for handling all the responsibilities associated with inventory management. Firstly, Supermicro would have to focus on fastening the supplier lead-time, which will help to reduce cost related inventory process. Moreover, it would also help Supermicro to follow quick replenishment model. Secondly, Supermicro needs to focus on eliminating all the obsolete products from the stock. As a result, it would help Supermicro to simplify inventory management procedure in an effective manner. It has been assessed that with time different networking and computer hardware products become defected or obsolete (Sarkis, 2012). Therefore, keeping track of all these defected products will not add value to the inventory management procedure. For that reason, it is necessary to eliminate all the obsolete products immediately. Thirdly, Supermicro will have to focus on optimizing order size and frequency of purchase in order to have an idea about the future demand. Therefore, it would help Supermicro in formulating strategies for handling all the future challenges related to inventory management. Fourthly, Supermicro needs to focus on centralizing the inventory control so that it can handle all the requirements effectively (Beske, 2012). Now, advanced technologies are required for utilizing centralized system in dealing with inventory management perspective. Now, Supermicro has already initiated different software applications for handling inventory activities. Thus, it needs to focus on multi-echelon planning models for handling all the requirements in an efficient way. Conclusion: The above discussion has highlighted the fact that supply chain management plays an important role in providing higher profit level to the organizations. The study has highlighted the fact that Supermicro has focused on covering all possible aspect related to supply chain procedure for delivering right product at the right time. It has also highlighted the fact that effective utilization of supply chain concept can also help organizations to provide support to other business departments. Specifically, supply chain management can help production, marketing and finance department to fulfil their objectives in an effective way. Moreover, it has also highlighted the significance of maintaining proper inventory management procedure for fulfilling all the requirements related supply chain concept. References: Beske, P. (2012). Dynamic capabilities and sustainable supply chain management.International Journal of Physical Distribution Logistics Management,42(4), 372-387. Christopher, M. (2016).Logistics supply chain management. Pearson UK. Coyle, J. J., Langley, C. J., Novack, R. A., Gibson, B. (2016).Supply chain management: a logistics perspective. Nelson Education. Dyckhoff, H., Lackes, R., Reese, J. (Eds.). (2013).Supply chain management and reverse logistics. Springer Science Business Media. Fawcett, S. E., Ellram, L. M., Ogden, J. A. (2014).Supply chain management: from vision to implementation. London: Pearson. Fernie, J., Sparks, L. (2014).Logistics and retail management: emerging issues and new challenges in the retail supply chain. Kogan Page Publishers. Islam, D. M. Z., Meier, J. F., Aditjandra, P. T., Zunder, T. H., Pace, G. (2013). Logistics and supply chain management.Research in Transportation Economics,41(1), 3-16. Mangan, J., Lalwani, C., Lalwani, C. L. (2016).Global logistics and supply chain management. John Wiley Sons. Ross, D. F. (2013).Competing through supply chain management: creating market-winning strategies through supply chain partnerships. Springer Science Business Media. Sarkis, J. (2012). A boundaries and flows perspective of green supply chain management.Supply Chain Management: An International Journal,17(2), 202-216. Schnsleben, P. (2016).Integral logistics management: operations and supply chain management within and across companies. CRC Press. Stadtler, H. (2015). Supply chain management: An overview. InSupply chain management and advanced planning(pp. 3-28). Springer Berlin Heidelberg. (2017) Retrieved 13 February 2017, from Tayur, S., Ganeshan, R., Magazine, M. (Eds.). (2012).Quantitative models for supply chain management(Vol. 17). Springer Science Business Media. Waters, D., Rinsler, S. (2014).Global logistics: New directions in supply chain management. Kogan Page Publishers. Wisner, J. D., Tan, K. C., Leong, G. K. (2014).Principles of supply chain management: A balanced approach. Cengage Learning.

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Venezula Essays - Socialist International, Rmulo Betancourt

Venezula Venezuela The history of Venezuela has been a long and often turbulent one. It is filled with exploration, religion, and shifts of government. But, the movement from dictatorship to democracy is the most significant. The move from dictatorship to democracy is the most significant point in Venezuela's history because of the people's extreme opposition of the dictators, the time period when the first election of a democratic president, and the election of Romulo Betancourt. If the people of a country are opposed to the government, it will not be successful. A main reason why dictatorship didn't work was because of the people's hate of the form of government and the dictators that run it. Between 1908 and 1935, General Juan Gomez ruled by repression and terror. The government had been a dictatorship since the 19th century (?Gomez died in 1935. Venezuelans danced in the streets when they heard of his death.? Johan Kohen Winter, 24). Nineteen thirty-six through 1948 marked the first time the country of Venezuela was ruled democratically. These years were times of political unrest. Then from 1950 to 1958 another dictator, General Marcos Perez Jimenez, came into power. His term is remembered by corruption and brutal suppression of the opposition as well as taking a step back in the progress toward democracy. This is great because it marked the first time that the people began to organize to oppose and try to change the government (?For the first time, between the 1930's and 50's the people began to organize themselves into unions and political parties, uniting in opposition to Jimenez.? Marion Morrison, 48). The election of Romulo Betancourt was the most important move toward democracy. This set the stage for democratic presidents as well as the countries' first major political party, Accion Democratica. This party, along with the Christian Democratic party, are the only political parties that have ever had candidates elected. Despite a coup in government (military takeover) in 1948, the Accion Democratica had one of its candidates in office for the next ten years (?This was a significant point in Venezuelan history. For the first time, a political party-Accion Democratica-was in government, together with a group of military officers and backed by the support of the Venezuelan people.? Morrison, 48). The history of Venezuela has been long and hard. Through it all, though, democracy came through. When a government has the backing of the people, it works and is successful. This is just another instance of the tried-and-true government idea of democracy. American History Essays

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Zheng He and the Treasure Fleet Timeline

Zheng He and the Treasure Fleet Timeline Zheng He is justly famous as the commander in chief of seven voyages of Ming Chinas treasure fleet, between 1405 and 1433. The great Muslim eunuch admiral spread the word of Chinas wealth and power as far as Africa and brought countless emissaries and exotic goods back to China. Timeline June 11, 1360- Zhu Di born, fourth son of future Ming Dynasty founder. Jan. 23, 1368- Ming Dynasty founded. 1371- Zheng He born to Hui Muslim family in Yunnan, under birth name of Ma He. 1380- Zhu Di made Prince of Yan, sent to Beijing. 1381- Ming forces conquer Yunnan, kill Ma Hes father (who was still loyal to the Yuan Dynasty) and capture the boy. 1384- Ma He is castrated and sent to serve as a eunuch in the Prince of Yans household. June 30, 1398-July 13, 1402- Reign of the Jianwen Emperor. August 1399- Prince of Yan rebels against his nephew, the Jianwen Emperor. 1399- Eunuch Ma He leads Prince of Yans forces to victory at Zheng Dike, Beijing. July 1402- Prince of Yan captures Nanjing; the Jianwen Emperor (probably) dies in palace fire. July 17, 1402- The Prince of Yan, Zhu Di, becomes the Yongle Emperor. 1402-1405- Ma He serves as Director of Palace Servants, the highest eunuch post. 1403- Yongle Emperor orders the construction of a huge fleet of treasure junks at Nanjing. Feb. 11, 1404- Yongle Emperor awards Ma He the honorific name Zheng He. July 11, 1405-Oct. 2 1407- First voyage of the Treasure Fleet, led by Admiral Zheng He, to Calicut, India. 1407- Treasure Fleet defeats pirate Chen Zuyi at Straights of Malacca; Zheng He takes pirates to Nanjing for execution. 1407-1409- Second Voyage of Treasure Fleet, again to Calicut. 1409-1410- Yongle Emperor and Ming army battle the Mongols. 1409-July 6, 1411- Third Voyage of Treasure Fleet to Calicut. Zheng He intervenes in a Ceylonese (Sri Lankan) succession dispute. Dec. 18, 1412-August 12, 1415- Fourth Voyage of the Treasure Fleet to the Straits of Hormuz, on the Arabian Peninsula. Capture of the pretender Sekandar in Semudera (Sumatra) on return trip. 1413-1416- Yongle Emperors second campaign against the Mongols. May 16, 1417- Yongle Emperor enters the new capital city at Beijing, leaves Nanjing forever. 1417-August 8, 1419- Fifth Voyage of the Treasure Fleet, to Arabia and East Africa. 1421-Sept. 3, 1422- Sixth Voyage of the Treasure Fleet, to East Africa again. 1422-1424- Series of campaigns against the Mongols, led by the Yongle Emperor. Aug. 12, 1424- Yongle Emperor suddenly dies of a possible stroke while fighting the Mongols. Sept. 7, 1424- Zhu Gaozhi, the eldest son of the Yongle Emperor, becomes the Hongxi Emperor. Orders a stop to the Treasure Fleet voyages. May 29, 1425- The Hongxi Emperor dies. His son Zhu Zhanji becomes the Xuande Emperor. June 29, 1429- The Xuande Emperor orders Zheng He to take one more voyage. 1430-1433- Seventh and final Voyage of the Treasure Fleet travels to Arabia and East Africa. 1433, Exact date unknown- Zheng He dies and is buried at sea on the return leg of the seventh and  final voyage. 1433-1436- Zheng Hes companions Ma Huan, Gong Zhen and Fei Xin publish accounts of their travels.

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Discuss the importance of passion and love Essay

Discuss the importance of passion and love - Essay Example In line 2 of the poem, he states, â€Å"Before my pen has glean'd my teeming brain,† of which he is talking about his passion for writing, meaning before he has written anything that he can gather from the flood of thoughts in his head. In the last 4 lines of the poem, lines 9 through 12, he extends his fear to also include the potential loss of his love. However, in the last 2 lines, it seems he has come to terms with his fears and recognizes an unimportance of love, in the last line he says, â€Å"Till love and fame to nothingness do sink.† In â€Å"The Eve of St. Agnes,† by Keats, he takes the opposite perspective on love. He describes a character who is propelled into a situation, specifically a house, which contains noted dangers, â€Å"Hyena foemen, and hot-blooded lords,† to rescue an old, frail woman, out of love, â€Å"Save one old beldame, weak in body and soul.† Lord Byron’s poems, â€Å"When We Two Parted† and â€Å"She Wa lks in Beauty,† are poems that discuss love in past-tense; it has been experienced, and has since vanished. He is talking about it in the present, reminiscing about his history. One example of past and present in â€Å"When We Two Parted,† is in stanza 2, â€Å"The dew of the morning sunk chill on my brow—it felt like the warning of what I feel now.† By this, he is referring to how he felt in the past, compared to the same feeling in the present.